Fade in and Fade out effect for highlight node and links

HI, How to add fade-in and fade-out animation while highlighting the nodes and links.
In this example https://gojs.net/latest/samples/friendWheel.html needs to add animations while highlighting.
Thank you

Have you read https://gojs.net/latest/intro/highlighting.html and https://gojs.net/latest/intro/animation.html ? The first Introduction page describes how to change the appearance of a Node’s or a Link’s GraphObjects when the Part.isHighlighted property changes value. The second page describes how you can create your own animations. In particular note the section: https://gojs.net/latest/intro/animation.html#AnimationTriggerClass

So all you need to do is add an AnimationTrigger for each property on each object that is modified when a mouse-enter or a mouse-leave happens. You can see what those event handlers do – they set the stroke of several objects. So you just need to add this:

new go.AnimationTrigger("stroke")

for each of those cases.

Thank you Walter