Faster scrolling

Is there a way to scroll faster (I’m using ASP.NET)? I’m referring to the arrows on the sides of the GoView window. When I add a bunch of nodes to the view and they don’t fit on the screen, I need to have the user click the arrows to “scroll” to see nodes that don’t fit on the screen. This is very slow, and I was wondering if there was a way to somehow speed this up. For example: Is there a way to have each arrow click move the image more pixels (or scroll more) than it currently does by default? I’m having alot of success with GoDiagram, but this is my #1 issue.

Shift-click will scroll by a page (it calls GoView.ScrollPage instead of GoView.ScrollLine).
Control-click or Control-Shift-click will go ten times as far.
You can override GoView.HandleScroll to customize the behavior.
Also, you could use a GoOverview window. Besides the obvious advantages of using a GoOverview, clicking in a GoOverview just causes the overview and the observed view to be reloaded, without reloading the whole Page.