File usage/type of GoJS - interactions with DB(Sql)


I am one of the proponents on using GoJS(and new to GoJS), in our project, I need to know the following,

  1. what is the latest stable version of GoJS for commercial use
  2. what is the file type the GoJS interactive diagrams are saved, (once the diagrams are done/saved)
  3. also based on the project requirements, I need to interact with SQL Server for providing save option any modalities exists we need to adhere to.

Operating System:
Windows 7 Enterprise - 64 bit system.
CPU: Intel i3-3.4Ghz
Browser: IE : 11 v , Chrome V43.0 and above.(confined to Desktop/Laptop Resolutions 1820 * 1200).

SQL -Server 2016


The latest stable version is always at See the Change Log,, for the information about the latest stable release. This typically changes every week or two or three.

GoJS is purely a presentation layer library for building displays and editing tools of visual diagrams. There is no “file type” for storing GoJS models. There is no expected or required connector to any particular database system.

GoJS Models do make it easy to read and write models in JSON-formatted text. You can see many examples of this throughout the samples, where there are “Save” and “Load” buttons that write to and read from the page itself in a textarea element. But each sample has its own custom ad-hoc “schema” that is easy for you to adapt by adding or renaming or removing properties. Models are just organized collections of JavaScript Objects, one per node or link.

Depending on how your web app is organized, you will want to use its web services or web api or other mechanisms to communicate between the HTML page and the server.