Fill the background of node with image instead of color

I want to fill the node’s background with custom image instead of coloring that offered by Gojs.

And also want to put textblocks or other images on that node.

Is it possible ?

Yes use a Picture.

Read more about using Panels at:

I’ve already read these docs and could not find any sample codes what I was looking for.

I attached an example image what I want.

Any sample codes?

A simple Spot panel will do for that:

$(go.Node, "Spot",
    // node properties
  $(go.Picture, "pictureURL",  // this is the main element of the spot panel
      width: someValue,
      height: someValue
  $(go.TextBlock, "TEXT A",  // every other element of the Spot panel is centered by default
      // text properties
) // end Node/spot