Find/Search in PDF SVG outputs

  1. I printed the default diagram in the Demo1 sample using the PDF995 printer driver. PDF output looks great, even at large zooms. However I’m unable to search for text, the PDF seems to treat the content as an image. Is there a way to print to PDF while retaining the text in a searchable format?

  2. ‘Find’ works on the SVG export of the same diagram. However I’m seeing the following behavior when using Find on the SVG (IE6 + Adobe SVG 3.0 plug-in). If I do a ‘Find’ (by right clicking inside the SVG area) it leaves behind a “lawn mower” type of empty swath at the top of the browser window (below the toolbars). Can anyone reproduce this?


P.S: In item 2 above, I should have added that the problem shows up after panning down and then panning up again. Seems to be related to the pan/zoom controls. I’ll try to eliminate them in the code and see.


  1. I hadn’t heard of PDF995 before. I suggest that you ask them this question, since it isn’t specific to GoDiagram.
  2. I wonder if that isn’t a bug in the SVG viewer. (But I have not tried reproducing the problem.) All of the SVG viewers I have ever tried have been buggy.