Firefox and marign settings

I have run into a problem with Firefox and GoView. . .

I have a div tag that has a margin: 0 auto; set on it and my go view is inside this div.

Only in FF (3.6.12) I cannot select or drag a node. I have traced through the GoWeb.js and the GoReload is being called but the imaged returned is the same. I also have a contextclick method on my nodes that is not being called either, nor is my server event OnObjectSingleClicked being fired.

Works fine if I remove the margin: 0 auto and replace it with just 0 or any value or remove the margin all together.

Any advice on what to look for or if this is a known bug?

found problem in the goMouseX(e)
if(goIE) return e.offsetYX; else return {};

goDX value is off!!

so if I squeeze the browser down so that my div tag is at the browser edge, everything works. But if I max the page, then the goDX is reporting 350 when it should be relative to the go view.

So in my css I have something messing up the goMouseX(e) and it setting goDX.

I am guessing I need to adjust my css and not the javascript.

What version of GoWeb do you have?

goMouseX has changed in 4.2 (which is in beta) to be compatible with HTML 5 modes of all the major browsers.

we are running

I will look into getting 4.2