Floorplanner TS, position of the room against the wall

Good day. I would like to understand if it is possible to find out which side is the wall?

key: "Room"
boundaryWalls: [
0:  ["wall", 1, 'right']
1: ["wall4", 1, 'left']
2: ["wall3", 1, 'left']
3: ["wall2", 1, 'right']

I will wait for an answer, this is very important. thank

Sorry, I’m not sure I understand. “Left” and “Right” are arbitrary, since you could conceivably view either side as “left” or “right” – notice how, for example, if you look at your uppermost wall, if you face to the left, the bottom line is no longer the “right” side, it is the left.

If you observe the wall’s data, however, you can see the points used to compute the wall’s geometry. Walls in floorplanner are mitered, to accommodate walls of different thicknesses being joined. There are 4 points used to define a wall’s geometry: End Mitering Point 1, End Mitering Point 2, Start Mitering Point 1, and Start Mitering Point 2. You can access these in the data of each wall with properties “empt1” “empt2” “smpt1” and “smpt2”

Perhaps if you explain exactly what you want to accomplish, I can help you better.

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