FlowChart drop a node or link

In the demo, flowchart can drop a node or link, which part of the XAML or XAML.cs trigger this activity? PartManager?

In the FlowChart sample, the user can drop a Node but not a Link. That is default behavior for GoXam.
There is also a Palette from which the user can drag-and-drop a Node. That too is default behavior for Palettes, but the target Diagram has to have Diagram.AllowDrop=true.

I am building similar thing as FlowChart, but without a Palette, I don’t need a drag-and-drop a node yet, but I can’t delete a node from the diagram. I compare my code with FlowChart, not sure which part I am missing and “delete” node is not working for me.

Maybe you need to set DiagramModel.Modifiable = true.

Thank you! I think that is what I am missing.

I got new question on this drag and drop thing.
what do you suggest to drag & drop a file from windows explorer to the diagram a new node? Can I create a usercontrol (I need to create the node outside from palette, I need the ability to drag & drop element other than things defined in palette to the diagram)? how will usercontrol adapt to a node?

Does this topic help? http://www.nwoods.com/forum/forum_posts.asp?TID=3538.

What platform are you targeting?

Thanks, walter!
That post helps. We are targeting on windows platform.

Uh, WPF or Silverlight?