Focus lost after OnGotSelection


We overrode OnGotSelection for nodes in order to display some properties. Once we did so, the selection no longer has focus, which has the side effect of disabling deletion etc. We’ve tried various methods mentioned in the Selection section of the user guide, and called the base OnGotSelection, to no avail. There does not seem to be a SetFocus equivalent. Setting the property of course has no effect. How can we we maintain focus as if we did not override OnGotSelection?

Also a related issue, where might we set the properties of the pen that draws the no focus selection handle?


It seems that your code to display some properties is causing some other control to get the focus, thereby causing the GoView to lose focus. You’ll need to debug this to see why focus is being changed.
GoObject.CreateBoundingHandle and GoObject.CreateResizeHandle are the initial methods for creating handles. However, the Pen and Brush are set by GoSelection.CreateBoundingHandle and GoSelection.CreateResizeHandle, using various GoView properties such as GoView.PrimarySelectionColor. The GoSelection.Create… methods are called by GoObject.AddSelectionHandles, which is responsible for deciding how many and what kind of handles to make and where to put them.


Yes, thank you, you’re right of course. We were thinking that the focusing was somehow programmatic in the selection object, when all that was required was to give focus back to the window, er, form :)

Thanks for the info re the selection handle drawing. We’d like to have these be 1 pixel width. Of course it would be handy if this was a settable property, in conjuction with the color.