Font Spacing not Rendering properly on diagram zoom

Hi, Good day everyone. Please help regarding Font Rendering issues inside nodes when the diagram is zoomed in or out to a certain extent.

Here’s the zoomed in version:

Here’s the initial diagram:

And here is a sample text block code used for our nodes:

So please suggest a workaround to remove the Distortion in font spacing. Thanks.

What results do you get in three other kinds of browsers?

I would guess that we do not have any control over how the text is rendered.

Hi, it seems that the render is correct on other OS except linux. But one more thing on linux is that only diagram font is distorted on zoom, if we zoom the page itself the HTML sidebar font isn’t distorted (same fonts are used for both), which means that it still might be an issue with gojs itself. What do you suggest. Thanks.

GoJS TextBlocks are rendered on-screen using a Canvas and its text-drawing methods, which does not support any control over how the glyphs are drawn, other than the font and textAlign properties.