From A Node to B Node Change

to Goview…
i’d like to selected node change…
example… godiagram’s sample [ flowchart ]

  1. i draw start node
  2. i select start node
  3. change botton click
  4. chage from start node to End node
    how do i coding?

Are you asking why the FlowCharter’s GraphNode.Kind property is read-only? In other words, are you asking why that example class was designed so that the only time the GraphNode.Kind property could be specified was when a GraphNode is constructed?
The reason was just a matter of keeping that example class simple. There’s no reason you couldn’t make that GraphNode.Kind property settable – it’s just that you would need to change all of the parts and properties of the node to match the new kind of node that it would be. And you would need to figure out how to reconnect any connected links that might no longer make sense.
I suppose you could implement this by reorganizing the code to put the big “switch” statement that is currently in the GraphNode constructor into a separate method that you could also call from your new Kind property setter. You would need to make changes, such as making sure all of the ports were always removed (set to null) or added (if needed) and initialized properly. I suppose you wouldn’t want to set the Text property all the time, either.