Funny displacement of Node


From the shared Gif, you can see that I am double clicking on the node and the dialog box pops up.
As I move through the combo box and click somewhere on the diagram, the node re-positions itself on the particular clicked position. This happens only when you search through the combo box for the first time and click on the diagram.
Can you let me know what the issue could be and what might be the solution to this?


I’m confused – is that dialog modal or not? It clearly isn’t, yet it has “OK” and “Cancel” buttons. Is it supposed to determine what is created when the user clicks somewhere in the viewport?

Wait – is the double-clicked Node being moved to that position where the user clicks? Either you have some code that is doing that or the DraggingTool is operating. Both seem unlikely. You can determine whether the latter is the case by checking the value of Diagram.CurrentTool.

The popped up dialog is like the properties dialog for the Node. When user double clicks a node, the properties dialog is popped with the domain information.

After debugging i got to know that ConsiderDragOver() of DraggingTool is getting called while performing the above usecase.

This issue is occurring only when the properties dialog has combo box and we go through the combo box items.

So moving the mouse around the dialog and interacting with the other controls doesn’t cause the selected node to move around. It’s only going through the choices of a combobox that passes events onto the diagram? As if the mouse events weren’t being “handled”, so they passed on to the Diagram. The dialog isn’t in the visual tree of the Diagram, is it? It shouldn’t be.

Although I don’t understand how the DraggingTool could be running, since it shouldn’t be invoked via a double-click. Check your double-click code to make sure it has handled the up and down events so that they are not bubbled up to the Diagram.

Correction in the above comment:

This issue is occurring only when the properties dialog has combo box and we go through the combo box items and clicking on the diagram moves the node to the mouse clicked location.

Check for click events bubbling up. Also check the value of Diagram.CurrentTool at the time that you show the dialog window.

And you didn’t confirm that the window is not modal, but I’ll assume it is not. So the user is supposed to be able to do things in the Diagram while the properties dialog is showing, and vice-versa, yes?