Future install kit for Silverlight 3 and VS2008?

The next release, version 1.2, is currently in beta test. It includes kits for both Silverlight 3 / Visual Studio 2008 and Silverlight 4 / Visual Studio 2010. (There are also two kits for WPF, of course.)

My question is whether there will be demand for installation kits for Silverlight 3 and Visual Studio 2008 for the following version. The contents and timing of that version are as yet completely undetermined, but it will probably be sometime early next calendar year.

I am currently expecting to continue to offer a Northwoods.GoSilverlight.dll that targets Silverlight 3, along with one that targets Silverlight 4. So developers using VS2010 can continue to target Silverlight 3 if they wish. (We did this for version 1.1 as well as for version 1.2.)

The reason is that we would like to improve the samples by having them take advantage of Silverlight 4 features, but we don’t want to have to maintain two sets of samples for Silverlight.

If you are using VS2008 and are targeting Silverlight 3, do you plan to continue to do so? If so, for how long? If you want to target Silverlight 4 but feel that you cannot or should not, why not?

I’d appreciate any and all feedback on this subject; if you don’t feel comfortable posting in this forum, please send e-mail to GoXam at our domain.

Can I download and test the version 1.2? Thanks!

If you are covered by a support/subscription, you should have received e-mail about the kits when they became available.

If not, I hope to have public beta test kits available soon.

Anyway, the point of this topic was to ask about your plans after version 1.2 is available.

Silverlight 3 is important to us.

OK, thanks for that feedback.

Is the use of Visual Studio 2008 still required for you?
Or can you use Visual Studio 2010 targeting Silverlight 3?

Yes, we are still using VS2008…I wish we could upgrade to VS2010 ASAP, but it’s hard to switch too fast…