Gantt chart diagram representation


I would like to know if you think it’s possible to represent a Gantt chart diagram using GoXam silverlight component ?

Have you some feedback on previous successful projects, based on your component, in the field of Gantt diagram representation ?

Thanks a lot for your answer.

Oh, yes, it’s quite possible.
I know some customers have done this.
But I’m sorry, we don’t have any examples that are like that.

Maybe later I can work on such an example, if I have time.

All right, it could be nice if you can work on something and provide me a firm answer.


I believe these two sample files will work in both Silverlight 4 and WPF.

Actually implementing the data representing the activities and the DataTemplates for the nodes was pretty easy.

The OrangeRed nodes highlight the critical path.

Here’s how the data is defined:

new Activity() { Key=1, Row=row++, Text="Start", FromKeys=P(), Length=0, Start=0, Critical=true, Category="Start" }, new Activity() { Key=2, Row=row++, Text="a", FromKeys=P( 1 ), Length=4, Start=0, Critical=true }, new Activity() { Key=3, Row=row++, Text="b", FromKeys=P( 1 ), Length=5.33, Start=0 }, new Activity() { Key=4, Row=row++, Text="c", FromKeys=P( 2 ), Length=5.17, Start=4, Critical=true }, new Activity() { Key=5, Row=row++, Text="d", FromKeys=P( 2 ), Length=6.33, Start=4 }, new Activity() { Key=6, Row=row++, Text="e", FromKeys=P( 3, 4 ), Length=5.17, Start=9.17, Critical=true }, new Activity() { Key=7, Row=row++, Text="f", FromKeys=P( 5 ), Length=4.5, Start=10.33 }, new Activity() { Key=8, Row=row++, Text="g", FromKeys=P( 6 ), Length=5.17, Start=14.34, Critical=true }, new Activity() { Key=9, Row=row++, Text="Finish", FromKeys=P( 7, 8 ), Length=0, Start=19.51, Critical=true, Category="Finish" }

But I actually spent most of my time working on a feature that people sometimes ask for: the ability to zoom in and out only along the X axis, and without changing the size of the text.

This is implemented by data-binding the Node.Location using a converter that automatically scales the Point.X value by a factor.

There is another data-binding to control the Width of the Rectangle.

I also added a custom CommandHandler that handles control-mouse-wheel and keyboard zooming commands by changing that scale factor, instead of modifying Diagram.Scale as it normally would.

Good, this seems to be what we are looking for.
I will have a deeper look at this sample project and see if it can fit to our needs.
Thanks you for your quick reply.