Gantt diagram


do you have any sample for implementing a Gantt diagram like the one in Project? I would require something basic, but interactive: movable and extensible tasks, connect arrows, and so on.

We don’t have a sample, but a number of customers have done this.

You might want to start off with a GoTextNode for the tasks.

No .TopPort or .BottomPort,

.AutoResizes set to false,

.Label.StringTrimming set to StringTrimming.CharacterEllipsis.
Your code will have to size and position the GoTextNode.Background rectangle, in rows for each resource.

Dependencies are just GoLinks, of course.

For the time line, you could consider adapting the Timeline example class in InstrumentDemo. Or maybe it would be easier to construct your own long horizontal object that has what you need. (Yet another possibility is to use GoGrid as a separate object that just draws and fills lines in a rectangular grid.)

see Timeline GoObject for help on this.