Gap in between two links


Is there any way to provide gap in between two parallel links connecting nodes, within ‘LayeredDiagraphLayout’?

‘LayerSpacing’ and ‘NodeSpacing’ are not working for me. Any other way or hint?

Do you have a small screenshot of two such links?

A guess: If your links are orthogonal, try setting LayeredDigraphLayout.linkSpacing.
The default value is 4; the value must be a nonnegative real number.

Hi Walter,

My link’s curve is set to ‘Bezier’, not setting ‘Orthogonal’ anywhere.
PFA functionality that I need.


It appears that you want to control the space between the two “Output” nodes. If you are using LayeredDigraphLayout, that would be the nodeSpacing property.

As mentioned before nodeSpacing isn’t working for me.
I need to increase the gap in between both output nodes. Any other way out?

Setting nodeSpacing should work. What did you try? We recommend using go.GraphObject.make because it will detect typos in property names.