[Genogram] Controlling node position genogram

I have an scenario as below:

  • I have 3 nodes with 2 parent and 1 kid:
  • When I add 1 more spouse node to “Placeholder 2”
  • As you can see the new Node “Placeholder 2” has been added to the right of “Placeholder 3”
  • Now I add an other spouse node to “Placeholder 1”
  • You can see that new Node “Placeholder 4” has been located to the right and It make the link overlapped. I expect that I has been added to the left of “Placeholder 2”. How can I control that ? Currently, I just add node data and link data, located Node base on Genogram latest logic code as sample.

    I think I need to override commitNode function of Genogram but not successful.

I don’t know if there is a good answer for you at this time. Sorry. We are working on a new GenogramLayout that I hope will produce better results.

I am curious how you think the nodes should be arranged when a person has three or more spouses, while showing children from each marriage and also showing each spouse’s parents and grandparents and siblings, as well as the person’s own parents and siblings.

This is an example what I expect:

There is many case can happen but now I can not create spouse nodes at the same level to the left.
Can you tell me about new GenogramLayout ? May be I can contribute GenogramLayout to adapt some case like this.

If you let us continue working on it for a week, I will look into making it available to any GoJS customer who would be interested in trying it.

Thanks Walter. Nice to hear that!
Looking forward to work with new GenogramLayout.

Hi Walter, new version of GenogramLayout released yet ?

No, it isn’t ready yet. It handles many cases well, but there are some cases that it does not, especially when involving people with multiple marriages where the spouse(s) also have parents.

I suppose with the old code you could try changing the order in which people are defined, or the order in which marriages are defined, to see if that helps.

Hi there - I am affiliated with Nghia above. We work with one of your clients who has a paid support contract with you (check my profile info). Let me know if there is anything we can do to get our hands on this / expedite, even if an experimental feature we can help you test with. Thank you!

We do not have anything new to report at this time.