GenogramLayout customization

Hi, I’m processing spouses marriage as “capture” and I want to ask about the library.

I need layout as “capture 1”. I don’t know library have support my case or no, please help me.

Looking forward to hearing from Technical Support, thanks you so much!

Could you please describe in more detail what the problem is? The first screenshot seems to be showing a different family graph than the second one, so I do not know what you are expecting.

Did you start with the Genogram sample of GoJS version 2.3?

Hi @walter,
in the first image, i processed it with genogram. I want the line of Richard 1 to be close to the mother Alice, similarly Richard 2 to be close to the mother Alice 1, not start at the midpoint.
I want this because I want the relationship between it to look more like picture 2.

In case you hadn’t already seen this new sample:

However, that doesn’t address the issue that you are bringing up. Thanks for explaining it better. But how is the layout to know which parent the child should be near?

In spouses marriage, I set param divorce in data model diagram and check if divorce = true for near this node

Is that parameter on a person? Not on a marriage link?

Assuming it’s on a person, if that person has other marriages from which that person is not divorced, isn’t that ambiguous/contradictory? What happens when both spouses have that “divorced” flag?

But if it’s supposed to be on a marriage link, the data schema used by setupDiagram does not have a separate data object for marriage links, so there’s no place to put that property. Even if there were such a data object for that kind of link, it would be ambiguous, since it wouldn’t be clear which spouse the children should be near.

Any other information in the model that might affect the genogram layout?

@walter Tks for response, that is difficult.
But I need diagram layout as same Capture 1 above, can you help me?

This is the basic question that has to be answered. Should we just assume that each child is near its biological mother?

near biological mother (case 1 husband has multiple wife) or biological father (case 1 wife has multiple husband), this good idea.Do you have a solution? Help me please

We do not at this time, but after you purchase a license we’ll work on it as part of your support.