Get current node within a backconverter

My data looks something like this:

{ “key”: “123”, “category”: “x”, values: { v1: 1, v2: 2 }, items=[{name:1},{name:2}] }

I’m using an itemArray, and in a textblock within one of the items, I am trying to use a binding with a converter and a backconverter.

Long story short, I need a reference to the node (or graphobject) from within the backconverter but it appears there is no way to do that – I would have expected it to be passed in, just like in the converter.

I’m binding TextBlock.text value and the converter gets called with:
myconverter(dataitem, graphobject)
This works perfectly, as I can calculate programmatically how I want the text to appear.

However, after editing the backconverter comes in with: (newtextvalue, dataitem).
The problem is, I do not want to change the dataitem. It is actually a shared “definition” object.
I want to add the new value to the “values” object up in

Is there a simple fix – a way to get the current graphobject from within the backconverter?

I think I’ll just overhaul my data format.
When the model is pulled in, I’ll run through and reformat:

<span =“Apple-tab-span” style=“white-space:pre”> def: { stuff1:val, …} <-- read-only stuff
<span =“Apple-tab-span” style=“white-space:pre”> value: <-- let the textbox overwrite this

Then when saving the diagram I’ll reconvert on the way out

Yes, the back converter function is used to allow more flexibility in updating the source (data) object from the target property value. It isn’t supposed to provide access to the target GraphObject. Sorry about that.