Get data for old and new group of a dragged node with SelectionMoved

Hey there,

i am testing “Kanban-Board”. With the Diagram Event-Listener “SelectionMoved” i get the data of a dragged node and the new group name. Is it also possible to get the data for the previous group with the same Event-Listener? Here is how i use the Event-Listener:

    function(e) {
        var task = e.diagram.selection.first();
        console.log(; //Shows the new group name after node being dragged. But i also want to know, which group it dragged from.



No, not in that listener. Why not add your code in the Group.mouseDrop event handler?

Or else look for changing of group membership in a Model Changed listener.

Hi there again,

thanks alot Group.mouseDrop did the job! :)