GetLeftPort(0) properties

I need to know how to create a properties “Value” for <span =“highlight”>GetLeftPort(i) in GoGeneralNode. I notice the properties for “Name” for example “this.GetLeftPort(0).Name” is exist. I just want ot know how to create this.GetLeftPort(0).Value

If this possible to do?


GoPort (and GoNode and GoLink) all have UserObject and UserFlags fields that you can use.

You could also derive your own port class, add your own “Value” properties, and then override CreatePort in your Node class to create that type of port.

BigPort in Demo1 is a good example.

I think my problem can be solve using UserObject in GoGeneralNode

Input1 = this.GetLeftPort(0).UserObject;
Input2 = this.GetLeftPort(1).UserObject;

but how to used the GoObject to get double?

double Input1 = (double)this.GetLeftPort(0).UserObject;

Thank…it can convert object to double but it still not solve my problem…can u take a look of my code

I don’t understand what the problem is…