Getting Go Link out of the way

I have a construct something like this.
I can drag nodes onto the box in the middle and I want the link that goes back up to move to the right to stay out of the way.
Even if there is no automatic way to do this. please point me to an example for moving it the link further to the right.

Does your link have the AvoidNodes property set to true?

Yes is does but it doesn’t always avoid them neatly. Sometimes it crosses over and goes up the left side. it never seems to just streach out to the right.

screenshot please…

Looks to me more like a problem with the positioning of the node than the link routing. If you center the Dispense Node under the purple circle when you create it, do you get the right link routing?

I have it almost working how I would like it to.

Can I just have it avoid everything in the Diagram and never cross another line.

I’m not sure this would work for all the cases you care about, but you could try overriding GoDocument.GetAvoidableRectangle to return a RectangleF that is wider than the node’s Bounds when the node is a Decision node. It would need to be wide enough to account for the “False” and “True” labels, and perhaps even wider.