Getting nodes from group

As per my requirement i have multiple group containing nested sub groups and their nodes . Now i want to get all nodes of any group by their key

I’m not sure what you mean. Maybe you want to call Group.findSubGraphParts?

Walter ,
See image here i have group with name “Iteration (For Block)” with key id : ForKeyGroup—9C-C5-89-51-60-40-6E-04-08-8F-F1-AC-91-81-8F-B2

Now with the help of this i would like to find its children i.e. (Open Browser,Sync browser,Click etc)

I don’t know how to get this Group Object (“Group.findSubGraphParts”)

Diagram.findNodeForKey will return the Node or Group that has a particular key in the model.

Then you can use Group.memberParts to get a go.Iterator for the immediate members of the group, or call Group.findSubGraphParts to get all members of the group including ones nested inside member groups.