Getting the selected object

Hi, hoping someone can help me out with an issue i have with getting the currently selected object.

Within a GoWeb application I have a page with a GoView on it (lets call it Main.aspx). I have another page that displays the details of a GoTextNode (lets call it NodeDetails.aspx).
When a GoTextNode is double-clicked, javascript in Main.aspx opens NodeDetails.aspx and NodeDetails.aspx attempts to display some details relating to the selected GoTextNode.
I have overriden GetPartInfo for GoTextNode to call the JavaScript that opens NodeDetails.aspx - works fine. To get the details of the GoTextNode i've tried storing the GoView.Selection.First object in the session (within Main.aspx) then referencing the same object from NodeDetails.aspx.
Problem is the JavaScript from the GetPartInfo.DoubleClick event is fired before the selection is updated so i'm always getting the details of the previously selected object. Any ideas on how to get around this?
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

That’s right – the JavaScript is run before the server gets the event. If the JavaScript function returned false, the server wouldn’t get any event at all, to permit you to do arbitrary things on the client-side without any server communication.

At the time your JavaScript double-click function runs, you do have access to any other information that was sent to the client, as part of a GoPartInfo. If you have turned on GoDocument.MaintainsPartID, that would include the PartID. Perhaps you could pass that integer as a query parameter to your NodeDetails.aspx page. Or you could pass other identifying information.

Good work!

I passed the PartID of the selected node to the NodeDetails.aspx page, which then retrieved the node object from the view.document using FindPart. Works a treat!
Thanks for the tip.