Ghostlines on every save

i have a ajax save, to save the json in the database. When i save the model and then reload the page, i have ghostlines like in the picture below.


On every Save a line comes more.

Check that the model has the same number of links as before – it seems to be increasing each time.

I have now created a new diagram with three nodes. Then I wrote the results from the database into a text file. I have documented the results for this . With the first result (** Initial from Database ) only the nodeDataArray is entered. Which comes from the database. The nodes are set up correctly in the diagram. Then I move the nodes and save ( Moving Nodes and Save 1 ) the first time. Then I do a reload ( Reload Page / Load from JSON => First Ghosting ) and the first ghosting appears. Without moving the nodes I save ( No Moving Save 2 ) for the second time. Finally, I reload the page again ( No moving reload page / Load from JSON => more ghosting **) and further ghosting occurs.

Then I marked the dates that are the same. See the screenshot below.

Only the linkDataArray is different. The nodeDataArray is always the same. As to be expected.

I hope you can see the procedure on the screenshot. I can post the text file again if you want.

I also got the data directly from go.Model.fromJson(data) into the console and the results are the same.

I have no idea where this can come from, maybe someone has had the problem before and can help.

Thanks very much

PS: I hope Google translated everything correctly. :-)

There must be some code that is adding a link data object to the model.