Gif/Png Transparency


I am trying to display a gif with transparency, but the Background is alway shown solid.

<br />Dim Img2 As GoImage = New GoImage<br />Img2.Name = "x.gif"

Second try:

<br />Dim Img3 As GoImage = New GoImage<br />Img3.Name = "0.gif"<br /><br />Dim pngnode As GoIconicNode = New GoIconicNode()<br /><br />pngnode.Initialize(New ImageList, 0, "Motte")<br />pngnode.Location = New PointF(10, 10)<br />pngnode.Icon = Img3<br /><br />myView.Document.Add(pngnode)<br />

The platform is .NET Compact Framework 3.5. on Windows Mobile 6.0
GoDiagram Version is 3.0.3

My gif files are:

I tried the same with png files, but it doesn’t make any difference.

Where is my mistake?

With kind regards,

well, from old history like this: it appears that it is possible to do transparent image backgrounds on CF. However, GoDiagram Pocket never supported this.

You might be able to override OnPaint and do it yourself.

However… if your images are simple (like the 2 you show) you can use either GoText or GoDrawing (there are predefined X and circle GoFigure’s for use with GoDrawing) instead of an image and get the same effect.