Giving something back for MC++ users


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I have ported my prototype application back to generic Visual Studio 2003 C++

It uses Managed C++ and does NOT inherit/create new classes from the GoDiagram base classes.

I find this a lot easier to understand (as I am an idiot)

So all you will see are references to things like GoView GoObjects etc

  1. For each node it has Hot Tracking of the port validity and locations so its easy to see how to connect things.
  2. It uses GoComment GoBalloon and GoTextNode objects but the GoTextNode objects are used in 14 different ways to emulate workflow nodes, some with icons.
  3. It has fully functional Load/Save to Xml functions built in as well
  4. It has a toolbar and menus that demonstrate the out of the box functionality that GoDiagram gives you.
  5. Also the 3 buttons near end of the tool bar are toggle buttons that force "arrows on/off" "editable text on/off" and "resizable nodes on/off"
  6. Icons are mostly from the new freely distributable VS2005 Image Library (had to bodge a few of my own)

All this should be obvious from the code.

If you feel this is good enough code, Please feel free to use,edit,modify or include this in any distributions of GoDiagram as I feel your excellent components need MC++ examples too.

I am just trying to help out people like myself that have to use MC++

This Software is given away on an “as is basis”, please use at your own discretion.

Project can be grabbed from

All the best

P.S. if Visual Studio crashes loading the solution - edit the .cproj file remove references to GoDiagram and it will then load - then you have to add the references to GoDiagram again to the project. Its just how VS is :¬(

Mac (Bryan Mcloughlin) Equipoise Software 2005

That’s great!
I too had that Visual Studio error when trying load that project. I guess the MC++ project file writer doesn’t know how to handle references to assemblies that are in the GAC.
If you don’t mind a couple of comments:

  • You might want to remove all selection handles before doing some operations, and then restore them afterwards, especially the command that toggles whether nodes are resizable
  • Using the property grid editor on the internal data structures is convenient for us programmers, but if it used by end-users is likely to cause all kinds of havoc for your application. That’s why the ProtoApp sample application, for example, defines the GraphNodeInfo class to represent the user-visible and -editable information that a GraphNode has.

Hi thanks for the info :¬)
This isnt realy for end users its was just my prototype
they only going to get color and a few other things like fonts and also i have to add userobjects specific to the application
:¬) feel free to hack it as you wish
I only hope its of some use