Go 2.2.2 What's new or Improvments?


I don’t find what are improvments/additions made to the 2.2.2 over 2.2.1? Can you give the details of the bug fixes, improvments or new additions done in 2.2.2.


The currently available 2.2.2 kit is a release candidate, just to make sure there aren’t any serious problems that we didn’t catch ourselves. So far it looks good, so this kit might just be the official 2.2.2 release.
Everyone that is licensed for version 2.2 will be able to use this–you’ll just need to update your assembly references in project files and version numbers in any LICENSES.LICX files.
The main things are the inclusion of VB.NET versions of all of the sample applications, and beta versions of GoXml and GoSvg.
From the release notes (WinREADME.rtf):
Latest Changes, for 2.2.2 since 2.2.1

fixed and/or improved various doc strings and error messages changed GoDocument.Add of an IGoLink to add that link to the GoDocument.LinksLayer; of course, if GoDocument.LinksLayer == GoDocument.DefaultLayer, there's no change in behavior added virtual overload of GoDocument.FindNode taking boolean "insidesubgraph" parameter, now called by other overloads of FindNode fixed static/shared GoDocument.ComputeBounds to consider each object's CanPrint() predicate instead of CanView(), when GoView.IsPrinting fixed GoDocument's handling of AllArranged changes in ChangeValue to better support GoLabeledLinks improved GoView.DocScale setter to not permit new scales very close to or less than zero added virtual overload of GoView.GetBitmapFromCollection taking a "scale" parameter fixed old overloads of GoView.GetBitmapFromCollection to limit the resulting Bitmap size, to reduce chances of out-of-memory exceptions improved GoView.DoWheel to zoom in/out trying to keep constant the document position at the mouse point changed GoView.DoExternalDrop to call GoDocument.CopyFromCollection with the "dragging" argument true instead of false improved GoView.GetExternalDragImage to call the view's GoToolDragging.ComputeEffectiveSelection to possibly expand the collection of objects passed to GoView.GetBitmapFromCollection improved GoImage to support reading byte arrays from ResourceManagers, in addition to accepting Image and Icon objects from there fixed GoStroke.Paint to silently handle exceptions getting Pen.Color for arrowheads changed setting GoText.StringTrimming not to update the size or font fixed some cases of drawing text when trimming changed GoText not to update size when added to a layer, so that it no longer matters whether you set the Bounds before or after adding to a layer added setters for GoComment.Label and GoComment.Background fixed GoLink's end selection handles to be non-movable if the GoLink.Relinkable is false improved GoLink.AddOrthoPoints to handle "fromDir" and "toDir" values other than 0/90/180/270 degrees improved GoPort.GetFromLinkPoint and GetToLinkPoint to use a further away point in the link when the penultimate point is in the bounds of the port fixed GoListGroup paint bounds computation improved setting GoSubGraph.CollapsedObject to make the new collapsed object Visible and Printable, depending on whether the subgraph IsExpanded or not (e.g. not Visible when IsExpanded) improved GoToolDragging.CreateDragSelection to limit the size of the Bitmap it creates, if the selection bounds is very large added GoToolResizing.HidesSelectionHandles property added GoToolRubberBanding.AutoScrolling property added GoLayoutNetwork.CreateNetworkNode and CreateNetworkLink added various property getters and setters to avoid confusing the VB.NET compiler, such as adding a GoInstruments.GraduatedScale.Bounds getter added GoXml and GoSvg added many VB.NET samples, translated from C#


fixed GoListGroup paint bounds computation
Hi Walter,
Is there anyway we can get a concrete list of known issues, we have been running in to some problems (which we do not really know if it us causing the problem) with things such as GoListGroup.
Much Appreciated


Hmmm. I just did a diff on the sources between 2.2.2 and 2.2.1 for GoListGroup, and found that the bug fix was to override ExpandPaintBounds to account for the BorderPen’s width.
There are remarkably few known bugs in GoDiagram–we fix them as soon as we learn about them. The code is now several years old, the product has thousands of users, and the designs have improved with a decade’s worth of experience.


The official release of 2.2.2 is now available.
It includes a couple of bug fixes that did not make it in the earlier Release Candidate kit, so the kit is new.