Go Diagram and ASP.NET Update Panel

I have a working GoDiagram implementation. Recently I placed it in an Update Panel so that it does Partial Postbacks and as such there is no flicker when I switch to it from another tab and thats when things stopped working.

So basically what I am doing is Loading a bunch of User Controls, one of them containing my GoDiagram UserControl. I have placed each user control in it's own Update Panel and have each panel being triggered by a button (ie. a tab). When the button for the GoDiagram is clicked it does an AJAX Partial PostBack and retrieves and creates the GoDiagram and returns. Now because it is in an update panel only the GoDiagram Update Panel contents are returned back to the client. This is where the problem happens.... Since during the inital page load (when a full post back page life cycle was done), I had initialized the GoDiagram with an ID and displaying some nodes. Now during this Partial PostBack I am changing the GoDiagram ID (ie. appending a unique number represending the new diagram being displayed to the ID). This seems to confuse it and gives me a JavaScript Error since it tries to access the diagram with the ID created during the initial page load which no longer exists. Again it is getting confused because (I am guessing) the javascript content it emitted during the initial Page Load is not being updated due to the Update Panel and only it's contents being sent to the client (this is my understanding anyway...)
Any Solutions?

You need to upgrade to version 2.6.2, since it is UpdatePanel aware. When version 2.5 was released, Microsoft AJAX did not yet exist.