Go is undefined when working with Electron

Hi there,

i have just created an electron (electron.atom.io) app for our web app which is actually nothing else than a wrapper. It’s just a container that loads our app url.

The problem is that everything works there except the go-js.

I just get a error that go is undefined but i get it only when i load the url through the app.

I found a similar thread here (GoJS for desktop applications?) but my case is even simpler as i don’t use any electron related code there. Just include the url to the kind of browser and i get the same error.

Also i’ve already updated the version to 1.5.22 but nothing changed there…

Any ideas?

If you download the 1.6 beta, from http://gojs.net/beta, you will find a projects directory that includes an example using electron, named electron-circuit.

Basically it’s the Logic Circuit sample moved into the electron environment.

Bu t i don’t wont to use a beta release in my production.

So you support electron only on 1.6?

Actually, if you look at its package.json file, that sample was developed using version 1.5.18. I suppose I should update that sample not to depend on such a specific version.

Still… this different. I just include a web url in my app, not creating the app again.

Anyway i manage bypass it by using instead the approach of electron.

I’ll try it more as the example is not helping me.