Go Js (Flow Chart with Inspector)

Hi Team,

I am facing some problem in Flow chart . while clicking node I need to show the properties in right corner same like Organisation editor .but for me input text is working fine but I need to include more controls like
-Radio button
-Checkbox List
Dropdown list
List box etc.

So kindly give me some suggestions or sample code to use all the controls
any ideas?

Are you talking about in-place editing within a Node, or editing the selected Node’s properties in some HTML outside of the Diagram? Do you have a sketch of what you want to do?

If I drag and drop any node it will show properties. those properties I need it in all controls . once I select and save it should be Json Format

The complete implementation of the DataInspector is provided in the extensions directory, so you could extend it further to include the additional functionality that you would like.