Go JS Groups Move Automatically on cursor/pointer movement

When I expand the Group the moves and adjusts their positions automatically which is fine. But once I have expanded the group and then move my cursor around from one node to another and one Group to another - then groups move here and there making it hard to track their positions, links and nodes.

I have set isOngoing to true so that group can move and adjust automatically when expanded. But I do not want the Groups to move after/before expansion.

Diagram & Groups layout - LayeredDigraphLayout


Could you please post some small screenshots showing the behavior that you don’t want?


Please see the gif above

Another problem - See how the Group 2 changes its position b/w top and bottom of Group 5 when I hove over the items of the Group 5.


Do you have any mouseEnter or mouseLeave or mouseOver event handlers that are changing the size of any Node or Link? Normally changing the size of a Node, or the size of a Group due to changes to member Links, will cause a layout to happen again. You can disable that behavior by setting:

          layoutConditions: go.Part.LayoutStandard & ~go.Part.LayoutNodeSized

Yes I have mouseEnter and mouseLeave events on Nodes to highlight and display the links conditionally when we hover and remove.

I tried the below settings but it doesn’t work. It also introduces a new issue where the nodes in a subgroup (group under group) doesn’t render on expand.

         layoutConditions: go.Part.LayoutStandard & ~go.Part.LayoutNodeSized

What is your Diagram.layout and Group.layout?
How do you highlight nodes and groups?

Try setting Group | GoJS API to false.

@walter can we connect over email or any other 1:1 platform? I’m not comfortable sharing code here.

Sure, gojs at our domain nwoods.com.