Go.js recent update

I just found that due to the recent update of your library we can see a huge change in the functionality of the code at our end. Earlier, I was using the code below to create a group template with three nodes:

 this.AddNodeGroupTemplate = function (key, id, val, cid) {

        var key1 = getGUID();
        var key2 = getGUID();
        var key3 = getGUID();
        var data = model.nodeDataArray[model.nodeDataArray.length - 1];

        model.setDataProperty(data, "text", "Get");
        model.setDataProperty(data, "touchPointId", id);
        model.setDataProperty(data, "connectionId", cid);
        model.setDataProperty(data, "key", key);
        model.setDataProperty(data, "type", 5);
        model.setDataProperty(data, "geo", "get");
        model.setDataProperty(data, "stroke", "#888");
        model.setDataProperty(data, "background", "#32C5D2");
        model.setDataProperty(data, "color", "#364150");
        model.setDataProperty(data, "group", key1);
        model.setDataProperty(data, "category", "Default");
        model.setDataProperty(data, "angle", 180);
        this.addDatas([this.getProcess(id, key2, key1, cid), this.getPost(id, key3, key1, cid), this.getGroup(id, key1, val, cid)]);
        this.addLinks([{ key: getGUID(), from: key, to: key2, text: '2', ExecutionOrder: 1 }, { key: getGUID(), from: key2, to: key3, text: '2', ExecutionOrder: 1 }]);

I wrote a function addDatas to add the nodes as below:

 this.addDatas = function (datas) {
        for (var i = 0; i < datas.length; i++)

I wrote a function addLinks to add the links within the nodes as below:

this.addLinks = function (datas) {
        for (var i = 0; i < datas.length; i++)

The template used to look like this:

But, now with the same code the template is having a single node only

That’s very surprising. Which version had you been using, and which version are you using now?

If you use the go-debug.js library, are there any errors or warnings in the console?

I don’t know what your addData and getProcess and getPost et al. functions do, but I find it surprising that they do so outside of your transaction.

We have used https://gojs.net/latest/release/go.js version. And it is not working from past three four days

Please tell us which version you had been using before. Also, when you use the debug library, are there any errors or warnings in the console?

By the way, you probably do not want your app to refer to our web site – we’re not set up to act as a CDN. It’s OK while doing an experiment, but not in the long run.