go.Model.SetDataProperty doesn't notifying modified json in go.Model.toIncrementalJson()

In Diagram.addDiagramListener(“TextEdited”, function (e) {…}), when the one node data is edited I am trying set the edited value in another node data using Model setDataProperty under start and commit transaction.

So while printing the Model.toIncrementalJSON(), it must print both node data in ModifiedNodeData but it showing only one node data;

Can I know what’s the reason for this?

I just tried this, and it worked as I believe you would expect.

One difference is that I did not bother with conducting another transaction within the “TextEdited” listener, because the listener is called within the same transaction as the one used to modify the text. But I also tried it with such a nested transaction, and it did not matter – nested transactions are OK.

          "TextEdited": function(e) {
            var idx = e.subject.part.data.key;
            e.diagram.startTransaction("this transaction is not necessary");
            var otherdata = e.diagram.model.findNodeDataForKey(3 - idx);
            e.diagram.model.setDataProperty(otherdata, "text", e.subject.text);