GoBalloon undoes to erroneous location

I attach a GoBalloon to some node, and it looks fine. I delete the anchor node and the balloon, then undo the delete via undo manager. The balloon pointy part now points at a different location than before the undo. As soon as I drag the balloon, the pointy part then points to the anchor. I can find no property of the balloon that is different after the undo than before. What am I missing?

Hmmm, that sounds like a bug that we have fixed in 2.5. You could try the beta…

I am forced to admit that I am on an older version. My company was just acquired by a very large company and we will be upgrading one we jump through all the big company hoops. I would very much like to quash this bug however. Could you possible give me a hint on how to fix it? Should I simply recreate the GoBalloon after the undo is complete?

No, try calling GoBalloon.LayoutChildren(null) afterwards.