GoBalloons on different layer


I implemented a ToolTip system using GoBalloons because i needed to show all tooltips off the diagrams at the same time. It works great but i’m wondering if i could put the GoBalloons on a Top layer so they wouldnt be drawn under links newly created and such. Is this possible? Because the GoBalloon owners are Links and Nodes. Thanks


Sure you can–the balloons are separate objects with no Parent, right? Just create a new layer in the GoView’s LayerCollection, and add the balloons to that.


No they have a parent. They represent the midlabel for a link and an added GoObject for the nodes…


Why are they children of groups? If you are using them in a typical tooltip fashion, there’s no reason to make them be part of any objects.
For example, the resize handles or bounding handle that objects get (when they become selected) don’t become part of the object that is selected.
With your approach you wouldn’t be able to present a tooltip for an object that wasn’t a GoGroup.


Its just this way i didnt have to bother with placing the GoBalloons…now i have to place them. I’m entirely agreeing with you here…its just that its a Prototype and i just need it to work so it was faster adding the Balloons to the gogroups…