GoBoxNode and Auto Layout

I have some problems using a GoBoxNode with the forcedirected layout. A link ends on top of a node even if the connected node is beneath it. As I understood it right with GoBoxNode, the link should end/start at the side nearest to the other node.
Am I wrong? Or are the links connected before the auto layout happens and don’t change anymore? Can I do anything about that?

If you haven’t set the GoPort.FromSpot or the GoPort.ToSpot on any of the GoBoxNode ports, yes, that should work as you would expect.
Let me try it and see what I get. What version are you using?

I am using GoDiagrams Win 2.4.1 and I don’t use ToSpot or FromSpot. I use a slightly changed version of InfoNode from the samples and the auto layout is only changed in the way, that there is one node set isFixed.

This doesn’t happen in version 2.5. It does happen in earlier versions. The easiest work-around is to just iterate over all of the links afterward and call GoLink.CalculateStroke() on each one.

Just one hint.
There seem to be still some problem with the choosing the right side to connect a link. I am not anymore using the auto layout and I have changed to version 2.5.1. There are two nodes positioned one above each other and the link enters at the left side of the above node, although the nearest point would be the bottom.