GoCollapsibleHandle always showing a circle

I am trying to create a GoGeneralNode with a GoCollapsibleHandle attached. The problem is that no matter what style I give this handle it only displays a circle (whether expanded or collapsed). Here is the code I use to add the handle which is located inside the ctor of my subclass of GoGeneralNode:

_collapseHandle = new GoCollapsibleHandle();
_collapseHandle.Position = Position;
_collapseHandle.Bordered = true;
_collapseHandle.Style = GoCollapsibleHandleStyle.PlusMinus;
In case it matters my class does implement IGoCollapsible.
I am doing a very similar thing for a GoTextNode subclass and it works fine there. I cannot figure out what is making the collapse handle behave differently for these 2 types of nodes. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Yes, it does matter that your parent class implement IGoCollapsible. Is IGoCollapsible.Collapsible false for your node? If so, then GoCollapsibleHandle will draw a circle inside the handle.

That was it. Wow, that was a fast response! Thanks a lot.

I had originally mis-understood the Collapsible property to be whether it was expanded or not and once I understood it correctly I fixed it in one sub-class but failed to fix it in the other.