GoContextMenu and ContextMenuStrip both appearing

I have a ContextMenuStrip for general form functionality and specific GoContextMenu for different GoObjects. The individual GoContextMenu is created by overriding the GetContextMenu function. Problem I’m facing. When I right-click on the GoObject, the

GoContextMenu pops up along with the ContextMenuStrip behind it. Is there a way to prevent the ContextMenuStrip from popping up when I do a right-click on the GoObject?

Is the ContextMenuStrip for the whole app, or just the GoView where there aren’t any objects?

(side note: GoDiagram also supports ContextMenuStrip in addition to ContextMenu.)

Just for that GoView

Oops, lost track of this over the long weekend.

Are you using the BackgroundContextClicked event for the for the case where the right click doesn’t hit an object?

WebWalker is a good sample to look at, it handles both ObjectContextClicked and BackgroundContextClicked.