GoDiagram 2.5 beta

We are pleased to announce the public availability of the next beta release of GoDiagram version 2.5.
[EDIT: beta kit locations are now obsolete]
<?:namespace prefix = o ns = “urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office” /><?:NAMESPACE PREFIX = O /><O:P>There are now two sets of installation kits: one for .NET 2.0 and Visual Studio 2005, and one for .NET 1.1 and Visual Studio 2003.</O:P><O:P>
Taken from the release notes for GoDiagram Win:</O:P><O:P>
Summary of Significant New Features since 2.4

  • added GoDocument.RoutingTime property, with GoRoutingTime enum, to control when links are routed, including when nodes are dragged onto a link or when a link is dragged onto a node
  • added IGoRoutable interface, implemented by GoLink and GoLabeledLink; the IGoRoutable.CalculateRoute method is implemented by GoLink to call GoLink.CalculateStroke
  • added ToolTipText property on GoView, GoLink, and GoLabeledLink
  • ability for user to resize GoOverview.OverviewRect to rescale the Observed GoView
  • refactored GoSubGraph by splitting into a new base class, GoSubGraphBase, that can be used to implement your own subgraphs
  • added Flowgrammer, Fishbone, UpdateDemo, DataSetDemo, InteractiveForce samples
  • added DecoratedTextNode, InfoNode8, LimitingSubGraph, XmlSubGraphTextNode example classes in Demo1
  • faster automatic layouts, using type-specific IGoLayoutNetwork, IGoLayoutNetworkNode, IGoLayoutNetworkLink classes for each kind of GoLayout
  • added GoLayoutTree
For GoDiagram Web, there is also better support for AJAX-style functionality:
  • added GoPrintView Control, renders as multiple large images for multi-page printing by browser
  • added GoViewDataRenderer class, to permit customization of the client-side data that accompanies each image
  • extended functionality in GoWeb.js, the standard JavaScript functions running on the client, for doing more on the client without postbacks, such as hiding/showing DHTML, reloading other views, handling errors, invoking server-side event handlers
  • implemented GoContextMenu and MenuItem for simple client-side context menus, a source-compatible subset of WinForms functionality, defined using styles, with the default definitions contained in the GoWeb.css file
  • added GoWebImageHandler, an IHttpHandler to generate images more efficiently than GoWebImage.aspx
  • improved the sample web applications to make most views "NoPost"

I forgot to mention that the GoDiagram Web samples are still under development. The C# samples are mostly there except for DataSetDemo and Flowgrammer. We’re still working on the VB samples.

OK, there are new kits on our web site.
The biggest changes have been improvements to the VB versions of the samples, and to our GoDiagram Web samples.
One new feature: support for customizing the link points for links connected to a GoBoxPort when GoBoxPort.LinkPointsSpread is true.
There were some minor API changes in IGoPartInfoRenderer and GoViewDataRenderer, in GoDiagram Web.

And yet again, there is a newer beta kit available.
An interesting new feature is improved routing of orthogonal links at a GoGeneralNode or GoBoxPort (such as used by GoBoxNode).
Also: Some more improvements to the samples. Some minor improvements to all three autolayout classes, that automatically set GoPort.FromSpot and GoPort.ToSpot if the node only has a single port. Added GoView.DragRoutesRealtime to permit delaying routing until a drag is finished, while still allowing GoView.DragsRealtime to be true.

FYI: Your download link on the web site for GoWeb 2.5 2.0 incorectly points to 1.1.

Ooops. You’re right. Thanks for pointing it out. The correct names are provided in this forum topic, as I wrote above.
However, those kits are going away soon, to be replaced with the 2.5 release kits.