GoDiagram ASP.NET minimum system requirements

I’m evaluating GoDiagram for ASP.NET and could not find detailed minimum system requirements info. E.g. which browsers are supported, are cookies should be enabled etc.? Should anything be installed on the client machine (I hope not as it seems GoDiagram renders just JavaScript)? Are there any performance issues with updating diagram (e.g. any noticible delays when each node uses an image)? Is it correct that Context Menus are not available if NoPost=true (i.e. AJAX is not in play if I would like to have Context Menus)?

Thank you in advance for any help.

GoWebIntro.doc is the first place to look for this info. It’s included in the install kit.

To answer some of your simple-to-answer questions:

  1. Supported browsers include various versions of IE, Firefox, Safari.
  2. GoDiagram Web depends on session state, so cookies are not needed if you use URI rewriting to keep track of the session.
  3. Nothing is needed on the client except JavaScript. Actually, if JavaScript is disabled, the user can still see the image, but they won’t be able to interact with it.
  4. There might be a slight delay for the image to be refreshed on each mouse up, but it’s normally pretty snappy.
  5. Yes, you can use GoContextMenus, which are implemented in DHTML on the client.

Thanks for the answers. I’m really impressed by the speed I am getting them. It’s a great advantage of the product from the developer’s point of view.