GoDiagram Control


I need help on this matter.
for Object A and B i used class GoNode
and for connecting i used class GoLabeledLink
Please let me know if there is any tutorial on this


There’s the Go User Guide, the GoFAQ, and the API reference in Help format. And the source code to all the samples.

What's your issue? (looks like you're building a dataflow system...)

Yes.Thank You
My Software is about received a electrical signal from IO module and manipulated the signal inside a few object. Im thinking using go diagram so that my software can be generalize to other system.It more a like “Matlab simulink”.

where to start with data flow system?

I suspect that SequencedNode from the Demo1 sample may be the best starting point. It has a varying number of input ports on the left and output ports on the right. Looks a lot like the nodes we used in Sanscript, Northwoods’ dataflow tool. (http://www.sanscript.net/)

Cannot download sanscript from the website

Download from http://www.sanscript.net/evaluation.htm The install password is on the download page.
Note... Sanscript doesn't have ANYTHING to do with GoDiagram other than being a monument to where Northwoods started about 15 years ago. It's still the coolest programming language ever. I still use it when I need a quick script to automate some little task.
We split the Sanscript pages off from nwoods.com to www.sanscript.net a few weeks ago, and there are some missing images and such. But the download files are all in place.

Hi Jake,
I studied the sequenceNode already but there is no data flow function.
Is there any sample to do data flow in so that i can control data at each port

All of our samples are done just to illustrate how to construct Node and Link classes, how to build Tools to customize input actions, how to work with GoDocument, GoView and GoSelection. Undo/Redo, Grids, Sheets, Instruments, AutoLayout, XML, SVG, WinForms, WebForms, C#, VB, etc…

None of our samples actually "function"... that part is up to you.