GoDiagram Express - Two labels in Node

I’m very new to GoDiagram and was wondering if the following was possible with the Express version…

I’m hoping to subclass a GoTextNode to present two labels, instead of just the one. The text displayed in each label would be based on a custom property.

| Label 1 |
<----| |------>
| Label 2 |
| |

If it makes a difference, the Nodes will all be generated at runtime and only the value of Label 2 would be editable by the user. Any suggestions for how to approach this would be much appreciated.

thanks in advance.

(Hopefully it’s ok to as about the Express version here!) Smile

Not really with GoDiagram Express.

But that would be very simple in GoDiagram Win. Depending on how many ports you wanted, you could either use a GoBoxNode holding a GoListGroup holding two GoText objects, or a GoMultiTextNode.
(It's OK to talk about any edition of GoDiagram here.)