GoDiagram or Sanscript?

I just can’t figure out why i should choose GoDiagram instead of Sanscript.
I’m a Web Architect and developper.
I’m quite new to those 2 tools.
I know that Sanscript should enable me to code application but what about GoDiagram ? Is GoDiagram only used to present information, like a Visio thing ? Or is it more like a Rational Rose thing ?


Sanscript is a programming langauge and development environment. It has a visual dataflow paradigm. It is primarily useful as a Windows environment desktop scripting tool. It really isn’t targeted at web development, although we do use it to do manipulate HTML files now and then (we recently switched from one shopping cart to a new one and we wrote a Sanscript program to do the “add to cart” URL editing across all our web pages).
GoDiagram is a component for creating .NET applications with a nodes & arcs diagram within it. It might be a language tool like Sanscript (which uses our older GO++ library), or a UML tool, or a network monitor app, a workflow tool, etc. GoDiagram by itself doesn’t “do” anything, it has to be plugged into an application by a developer.