Godiagram Overview

I am having a major problem with the Overview.

The overview seems to work fine if the content on my main diagram is about the same size as the canvas. However, if for example I have one icon on my main diagram which is obviously smaller than my canvas, then the overview wants to center that icon half off the screen in it's view, even though in my main diagram the whole icon is visible...
I have tried everything to resolve this but haven't found a solution.
It isn't really an issue with 1 icon on the screen, but that was just an example, where it starts being a pain, is if I have a huge canvas and half of my canvas is filled with items, then the overview screws up and shows things off it's screen when in fact they aren't, etc...
Any help will be appreciated.

It should all be automatic… just set the overview.Observed to the appropriate view. It should monitor changes to that view’s Document bounds changing.

Check the observed view’s Document Bounds… are you playing any games with that?