GoDiagram Problem

Hello Sir,

I want to create a diagram in which parent node in centre and child
node is connect arround it like a circle if possible please send a demo
like this.
Its very urgent requirement please send as soon as possible.
Thanks In Advance

I gave the code to position the logical children of a node in a circular arrangement around that logical parent node, in topic: http://www.nwoods.com/forum/forum_posts.asp?TID=2090.

Perhaps there's a misunderstanding here. GoDiagram provides .NET Controls used to build applications. It is not an application. So you need to be a programmer in order to build an application that uses GoDiagram.
If you are a programmer, it is very very easy to incorporate a GoView into your application. You just need to programmatically construct nodes and links based on your application data. Keep a reference to the "central" node, so you can invoke the code in that post, minus its first line which assume the "central" node is given by being the primary selection.