GoDiagram reading capability

Hi All,

Can GoDiagram read/import/export AutoCad/Visio files?

any information will be of great help for me


Neelam Sanjeev

Hi Neelam Sanjeev,

as far as i know, there is no build in support or any kind of add on for AutoCad/Visio.

GoDiagram is a framework which allows developers to create any kind of
application which uses diagrams. Developers can derive nodes from
different node base classes and make up own links. I have done a DB
design with Visio many years ago. The nodes i remember are very special
and GoDiagram has some table nodes which look and behave like Visio
nodes. But they are only a small part of GoDiagram and not directly
target of a diagram/net/graph-framework.

But GoDiagram should make it easier to develope a Visio/AutoCad Viewer Application :)


Thank you, Jörn, that was well said.

Thanks jorn.