GoDiagram using Non-FIPS compliant crypto?

If I do following setting on my machine
Control Panel>Administrative Tools>Local Security Policy
Under the 'Local Security Settings'
Security Setting>Local Policies>Security Options
Enable the -
System Crytography: Use FIPS compliant algorithum for encription
If the above option is enabled on WinXP machine then
Licensing error occurs while creating GoView object.
The error occurs in 'GetLicense' method in class - "Northwoods.Go.GoViewLicenseProvider"
I think internally this class is using .NET Cryptography class for encription which in not FIPS compliant.
Can you please fix this? because our application fails in envirovenment where FIPS is enabled.

Thanks for pointing this out – we’ll investigate.

We’ll fix this for our next release.

Hi Walter,

Thanks for the feedback. When is the next release planned?

It’s already in beta for customers with support/subscription. But I don’t know when it will be finally released.

Is this problem fixed in latest release (2.6.2)? Please let me know so that we can upgrade.

Not 2.6.x, you need 3.0 for this fix.

When is 3.0 expected to be released? And is it certain that it will have this issue fixed?

Further as per walter's earlier reply - it was fixed and was in beta testing mode - what happened after that?

Did you try the beta kit announced last month in this forum?

We’re doing final testing on the official 3.0 kits.