GoDiagram version 4 and Generics

In anticipation of the beta release of version 4 of GoDiagram, I have written an article describing the changes involving the major new feature: support for generics throughout the design and implementation.


We found that there have been distinct performance improvements from the simple internal changes we took to utilize generic collections.

I hope you find the article useful in your general programming, not just when using GoDiagram.

Hi Walter,
When do we get hold of version 4.0 beta and when do we expect the final release of 4.0?
Also what are the plans for full WPF support?

GoDiagram version 4 was delayed because of documentation problems. I expect it should be available very soon.

Regarding WPF & Silverlight: we’re working on fixing bugs, documentation, and samples. I’m hoping for alpha testing within the next couple of weeks, for both WPF and Silverlight.

The beta announcement for GoDiagram 4 will probably go out Monday to all those under an active support subscription.

You can renew your subscription (or check the status) by emailing “gosales” at “nwoods” dot you know the rest…