GoDigram as Usercontrol in a ASP.NET Page


i want use my own usercontrol with a GoDiagram-Control as .Net PlugIn in the IE. I know that the machine have to install the .Net Framework, but this is in this case ok.
When i use my assembly in a ASP.NET Page like
<object id=“Test” style=“FONT-SIZE: 12px” height=“400” width="800"
classid=“Test.dll#TestControl” VIEAASTEXT>
i become a exception like “GoView Licencse Check”, that the i have to buy a license. The same Usercontrol run in a WinForm-Application.
What is wrong?
PS: I test this ASP.NET Page with a simple Usercontrol without GoDigram and this Control runs!
Thanks for answers
Tibor Csizmadia


This is discussed in the GoWinIntro.doc file, in the section about “No-touch Deployment and Hosting by Internet Explorer”.
I assume you’re a customer, so if you send us e-mail, we can send you the instructions and replacement DLLs.